Hypnotherapy for Fear of Rejection

Hypnosis for Fear of Rejection Adelaide

Fear of failure can be behind you with hypnotherapy.  Success is just around the corner when you remove the blocks that once held you back and start to live your dreams with NLP and Hypnosis.

Treating Fear of Rejection with Hypnotherapy

Being social beings, humans desire to belong thus naturally crave for acceptance. The desire to be accepted is the cause of the hurt and dejection you feel when you get rejected. Your brain processes the rejection to mean that you are not worth of the opportunity you were pursuing. You start worrying that people have a negative perception of you.

This not only lowers your self-esteem and confidence but also makes you afraid of rejection in future. You start to experience deep fear and anxiety whenever an opportunity presents itself but you feel that you might be rejected. As the fear of rejection and anxiety develops, you stop pursuing opportunities and end up underachieving at work, school and social life.

The failure to live up to your potential further lowers your self-confidence thereby lowering your quality of life. This creates a dangerous pattern of alternating fear, low self-esteem and underachievement.

Traits of a person with fear of rejection

A person with fear of rejection will exhibit the following characteristics:

-      Insecurity, jealousy and clinginess: They are afraid to lose a relationship partner or friend because they feel they may not be able to replace him or her.

-      They think that they have undesirable traits due to past rejections so they push other people away to hide these undesirable traits

-      Always on the lookout for signs that they are being rejected

-      Always angry toward other people because they always anticipate rejection

-      Stagnant career because they are afraid to seek new prospects or ask for promotion

Regaining your self-confidence

Having the fear of rejection means that you overvalue other people’s opinion of you. As such, building your self-confidence is the first and most important step in overcoming the fear. To do this, you must first learn to form a positive opinion of yourself.

You must also be willing to stand up for your opinion of various issues and be assertive without fearing that you will be judged. This actions will boost your confidence to approach other people for job issues or relationship without fearing or anticipating their rejection.

Overcoming fear of rejection using hypnotherapy

Like other conditions involving anxiety, the fear of rejection starts in the subconscious mind. The pain of previous rejection makes you anticipate rejection thus creating the fear and anxiety.

Through hypnotherapy you can access your subconscious and reprogram it to get rid of the negative thoughts you have of yourself and others. It teaches you to stop anticipating rejection every time and, when rejected, not to take it as a condemnation of your abilities and character.

Hypnotherapy will help you regain the respect for yourself and rebuild the relationships that may have become strained as a result of the fear.

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