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Put an end to stress now with hypnosis and NLP

Have you noticed that you are ‘stressed’ more often than not?  Do you notice you can’t get to the end of a day without feeling as if you have experienced stress of some description?  Maybe when put under a stressful situation, you have a difficult time coping?

The term ‘stress’ is used all too often these days.  It is uncommon to come across someone that has no stress in their lives, stemming from work, demanding relationships or looking after a family.  Hypnosis for stress management can help.

A healthy state of mind can be impacted by a multitude of factors in this modern world as everything continues to move faster than ever.  With our nervous systems continually trying to play catch up, while being subject to negative mental and emotional pressures, stress and anxiety can become more common in everyday life.  The reaction to stress varies from one person to the next, and in some cases people use it as a motivational strategy.  Maybe you know people that use procrastination for deadlines in order to motivate them to get their work done.  The problem with using stress as a stimulant is that it can have an opposite effect and actually reduce your productivity, negatively impact sleep patterns, drain you of energy, and give you an overall negative outlook on life.

When we subject ourselves to stress over the long term, we trigger the ancient defence mechanism known as ‘fight or flight’.  Not only does this increase your levels of cortisol, but it also boosts adrenaline, which was once both helpful and relevant, if you were under attack by a sabre tooth tiger,  but this response has now become redundant for modern life.  Honestly, how helpful do you think this response is when you are sitting in traffic, or thinking about the list of tasks you have to do when you get home from work?  We need to actually burn off the adrenaline in the system by the act of physical exertion. Cortisol (the stress chemical) is also very harmful when it is frequently released into the body.  When it is produced over a long period of time, it can weaken the immune system along with contributing to the effects of depression.  Different forms of self-medicating, whether it’s binge eating, excessive drinking or drug use, can also result from not dealing with stress.  These may seem to provide some sort of distraction, but more often than not, they only add to the stress while never addressing the root cause of the problem.

Our hypnosis for stress management in Adelaide program is designed to help you manage stressful situations by giving you the tools to feel more confident and calm in times of stress.  Many of the patterns of behaviour that are triggered during a time of stress are automatic. We work with the unconscious mind to assist you in identifying and reprogramming these patterns of behaviour, and give you the resources to think and feel differently in stressful situations.  Through the process of Hypnosis for Stress, you will gain the ability to manage negative emotions and thoughts that do not serve you.  In addition, you will be taught self-hypnosis for stress, empowering you to initiate deep relaxation when you need it the most.

By accessing deep states of relaxation through Hypnosis for stress management and self-hypnosis, you will find that your mood will greatly improve while experiencing enhanced cognitive function.  Another benefit, with the continual practice of self-hypnosis, is reducing cortisol levels and increasing the production of serotonin (the happy chemical), to improve your health and general sense of well being.

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