Hypnotherapy for Fear of Driving

Hypnosis for Fear of Driving Adelaide

Fear of failure can be behind you with hypnotherapy.  Success is just around the corner when you remove the blocks that once held you back and start to live your dreams with NLP and Hypnosis.

Are You Troubled by a Fear of Driving?

What is a fear of driving?

A fear of driving is more common than people think. Those who are afraid of driving usually have a pathological fear of getting behind the wheel, to the point where it is causing personal distress.

The reasons for the fear vary, and are consistent with different anxiety problems, and irrational fears. A chronic fear of driving is considered a specific phobia.

Fortunately, once the root cause, or causes, have been established, effective treatment is available for phobia sufferers.

Some major causes of the fear of driving phobia.

·      An anxiety disorder such as unexpected panic attacks with symptoms like a racing heart, rapid breathing, and feelings of a loss of control.

·      A lack of confidence that you may be able to take effective action in the case of an emergency to avoid an accident.

·      A lack of experience in driving once the licence has been obtained, that has eroded confidence in driving ability.

·      Memories of a previous accident, or a narrow escape from a serious accident, which is still in the forefront of the mind.

·      Health issues such as vertigo, with symptoms such as sudden giddiness, a loss of balance, and in extreme cases - a possible blackout, are serious causes for a great fear of getting behind the wheel of a car.

·      Fear of heavy traffic, traffic noise and sudden of hooting vehicles can greatly add to the fears of nervous drivers.

  A deep-seated driving anxiety can be a huge stumbling block in your life, and have a negative impact on your job and social life. The strange thing is that many people who present the fear of driving phobia, actually have no history of poor driving incidents. They are simply irrationally worried about what could happen if they do something harmful while driving.

How can a driving anxiety phobia be treated?

Research has shown that a most effective treatment for driving phobia is hypnotherapy. All phobias exist because of irrational fears, which incidentally are mostly learned, as we are not born with them. With time they become ingrained in the mind, and by the same token, hypnotherapy can help you to “unlearn” the irrational fears.

Hypnotherapy treatment does not just dive in willy-nilly and tell you there is nothing to fear. There are many things to consider. For example, if your driving phobia is a result of a fear potential panic attacks, then it makes sense for the hypnotherapist to also pay attention to the panic attack problem as one of the root causes.

How hypnotherapy can help you conquer your fear of driving.

Hypnotherapy is a process of relaxation with enables the subconscious mind to be open to a series of positive suggestions by the therapist. It will help to retrain your mind to remain relaxed and focussed when at the wheel of your car.

You will also learn that your fear of driving may be linked to low esteem and a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. These issues, along with stress and anxiety, will also be dealt with by a competent hypnotherapist.

The first goal of the therapist will be to discover the root cause of the driving phobia, so that it can be efficiently nullified, and the healing process can begin to take place.

The ultimate goal of the hypnotherapy program to overcome a fear of driving is to enable the subconscious mind to see and accept driving as a normal, everyday activity instead of perilous threat.

Once this has been accomplished, and you are more relaxed and less stressed about driving, you will be enabled to be a confident, much safer driver.

Are you ready to take back your freedom and independence.  If you want overcome your fear of driving, and completely eliminate your driving phobia easily and quickly – contact us now.


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