Law of Attraction Workshop

The law of attraction is extremely appealing due to it's simplicity.

Plus --

Who doesn't want to instantly attract:

  • More Money
  • Better Relationships
  • Your Dreams
  • and Goals



But when it comes down to it....

You've likely "tried out" the law of attraction before....

......and failed.


It's not that the law of attraction is flawed.

It's just that you need to do more than just WANT something to actually attract it...

How to ACTUALLY get the law of attraction WORKING for you

Here's what happens...

When you just WANT something you activate your conscious mind and try to use will power to attract it.

But you need more than conscious thought to get what you want.

You need all of your available energy, including --

  • Imagination
  • Dreams
  • Beliefs
  • Attitudes

When all the above mental processes are working towards the same goal...

Your conscious and subconscious mind will work together to create (and find) the exact solutions you seek.

Think about it like this...

If you assign a
 BIG task to an one person, or a team of 10...

Who will complete it first?

The team will.

The same theory applies when you want to attract something:

Just using your conscious mind is like getting help from ONE when you could have had an entire team on your side!

It's all REVEALED in this Workshop


P.S.    I'm not going to sit here and totally bash the law of attraction. That's because it works. The problem is not with the law. It's with how it is typically trained, implemented, and utilized. So if you've ever read a "law of attraction" book and were discouraged with the results....

Then you likely were not told the entire story.

To get the law of attraction to work in almost any situation --  to get more money, better relationships, and to actually achieve your goals - then you'll want to learn these secrets to self mastery so that you can fully utilize the power behind the Law of Attraction to create instant and rapid results in your life.

What the course includes:

1 ½ hour class

Email or phone support

30 minute private sessions with a clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Master of NLP


Location:  Campelltown Library between

Dates: Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of September

Time:  9:45am - 11:30pm (please arrive on time as doors will close at 10am)

Cost:The course is $250. (Click below for the special $29.00 offer)

Please get in contact with me via email to enroll and book your ticket.  Positions are limited, so please get in touch with me soon to ensure you secure a place.

I look forward to seeing you there.