Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Hypnosis for Pain Management Adelaide

Overcome symptoms of chronic pain with Hypnotherapy and NLP Adelaide.

How your mindset can alter pain perceptions.

What is pain and how do you sense it?

Pain rates as the most common reason that people seek medical attention. Pain can be defined as a warning sensation to your brain that something is wrong which may cause damage if you don’t do something about it. How you react depends on your how your mind deals with the perception of pain.

Pain perception has two parts. There is the sensation of something uncomfortable happening to a specific part of your body, and how you react to the sensations in your mind. This is actual the feeling of pain, that send the message to the brain.

 New pain, especially if it is sudden and acute, can serve a useful purpose by motivating you to investigate the cause. If the pain becomes chronic, and continues even after medical treatment, then it should no longer be perceived as a warning, but something that needs action to be taken.

What happens then?

If, for example, you have chronic pain, coping mechanisms need to be developed to help you cope with the pain. It is possible for you to adjust your perceptions of pain by using your thoughts. An endurance athlete is able to push through pain by using positive imagery to tone down his perception of pain, and against all odds, finish the race.  A confident mindset to change and minimize your perception of pain, will assist you to successfully manage the trials and effects of chronic pain.

What methods work best for minimizing the perception of pain?

Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, works best for medically diagnosed physical pain. This does not mean that we want to eliminate, or hide, pain that is related to a correctable medical condition. Hypnosis will instead work to do away with unnecessary pain and discomfort.  Hypnotherapy is also effective in dealing positively with the inevitable negative, emotional aspects that come with chronic pain. Hypnosis can help you gain more control over the pain, and help you gain more comfort.

How does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis is a relaxed state of attentive concentration that allows your conscious and subconscious minds to be receptive to positive thoughts that help you to feel more comfortable. 

You will not be asleep, nor be under any sort of spell, and you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do. Under hypnosis you are awake and alert, but you feel deeply and pleasantly relaxed. Hypnosis is also an excellent focusing mechanism - helping you to direct your focus away from discomfort, and to re-focus on comfort.

Because hypnosis is a state of intense concentration, your mind is working at an optimal level, and is more focussed to fully receive the positive suggestions made by the hypnotherapist into your conscious and subconscious minds. In that way, hypnosis can reduce the emotional impact of chronic pain.

How will hypnotherapy help me?

Evidence has shown hypnosis to be an excellent tool for pain management, and for relieving the uncomfortable sensations of pain. You will also be pleasantly surprised at the new sensations you will feel in your body.

Using hypnosis for pain control and pain relief will initially help you into a state of deep relaxation. You will then be taught an exercise in self-hypnosis and self-relaxation that is beneficial for you to meet your individual needs. You self-hypnosis skills can be expertly honed so that you will be able to use them on your own, to feel more comfortable when necessary.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect by using hypnosis for pain relief.

·      Build your inner strength and coping skills.

·      Relieve tension and stress.

·      Re-programming negative ideas in your mind that have been worsening your perception of pain, and adding to your discomfort.

·      Sharpening your mind to be more aware of the new ideas to make you feel more comfortable.

·      Learn effective methods to distract and distant yourself from the pain.

·      Learn how to alter and transform the pain sensations.

Some pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional. You CAN free yourself from the devastating effects of chronic pain. It is all up to you!

Hypnosis and NLP for pain management can assist people in finding and releasing the emotional connections that may be connected to discomfort levels.    Are you at the end of your rope with regard to what you consider acceptable discomfort levels?   Are you ready to let go of what you have put up with for so long by getting in touch with the unlimited powers of your mind-body.  Please go ahead and give me a call for a and let's get started today.


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