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Do you struggle with your weight or with your relationship with food?  Have you become dissatisfied with your body shape?  Are you looking for a program that really works?

Excess food consumption has become a major problem in Australia.

Ask yourself this question:  Why is it that excessive weight gain is only problematic for two species on earth?  The most intelligent to walk the face of the planet (Humans), and the pets that we domesticate.

So how is it that 60% of the Australian population are classified as overweight, while 99% of the remaining animals on Earth with access to a sufficient food source, eat as much as they desire and never become overweight? What is the reason behind other species being immune to the cycle of weight gain and subsequent weight loss?

The reason behind this nonsensical behavior is directly linked to our high level of intelligence – the learnt behavior of eating emotionally.  The obesity that is so prevalent in modern society is due to the fact that as a species and through conditioning, we have learned to use food as a tool to manage our feelings and emotions.  Most of our clients that have had problems with weight, find themselves eating when they are angry, depressed, stressed, hurt, lonely, bored or some other negative emotional state.  In all of these cases, physical hunger for the purpose of providing the body with energy is not a factor.

When a baby is upset, more often than not they are pacified by means of being fed by their primary caregiver.  This type of conditioning sets up the initial neurological connection between food and comfort, that in some individuals plays out well into adulthood.  The ultimate reality is that emotionally driven hunger can never be satisfied by food, and most of the time, will only make a person feel worse.

Coaching and Hypnosis for weight loss deals with identifying the unconscious reason for being overweight and the emotional elements that contribute to having issues with food, while assisting you to release them.  The purpose is to become aware of the unconscious patterns of behavior that up until this point, have seemed to fly under the radar and left you feeling as if you are victim of circumstance.   With a 6 or 12 month coaching cycle, we will work together to remove negative emotions, and limit decisions that create the undesired pattern of behavior.  This will be followed with a number of techniques to tailor a plan specifically for you.  The goal is to lose weight in a healthy and natural way without the starvation and deprivation that typically lead to falling back into old patterns of behavior.  The benefit of long term coaching is that you will have accountability and ongoing support throughout your transformation.

Hypnosis and Coaching for Weight Loss Adelaide and Virtual Gastric Band South Australia is designed to give you the tools and momentum for a healthy new way of life. By implementing proper strategies and patterns of behavior, you can change your perspective on food and how you treat your body.

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Your body is your temple.  When you take care of your body on a deeper level, you are also taking care of your mind.  Once you begin to take steps towards a healthy lifestyle, you give yourself the best platform to be your most authentic and confident self.  You can take charge and be in control.  For a free consultation ring the number below and ask to set your initial appointment in our Hypnosis and Coaching for Weight Loss Adelaide program.

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