Hypnosis Downloads

The following are a couple of a series of hypnosis audios that I will continue to create to provide you with additional tools to create the life you want.  Weather you have already come and had a one on session or have not yet had the chance, you take full advantage of theses hypnosis mp3's at your own convenience. 

Exercise motivatoin hypnosis.jpg

Exercise Motivation Hypnosis

Have you ever found yourself avoiding exercise when you know it is what is best for your body and mind.  Is procrastination and putting exercise off getting beyond a joke.  Would you just like a bit of a mental push in the direction of the gym or taking the dog for a walk?  This audio may be just what you need to get your body and mind in the right frame to make exercise something you do automatically and easily.

Let go of and Ending relatoinship.jpg

Let go of an ending relationship Hypnosis

When a relationship comes to an end, whether we initiate it or not, the effects can be potentially devastating.  The unconscious attachment and holding on that often happens can create a wide range of negative emotions.  Although pain from such a transition is rather natural, the prolonged suffering can usually be reduced dramatically once the subconscious has been given helpful and healing direction.


Empty Nest Hypnosis

Have you spent the last 20 or more years raising a child or family?  Putting time and energy into doing the best you possible could to prepare your offspring for the big wide world in the most effective possible.  When a child becomes an adult and leaves home, it is not uncommon for this to leave a hole or a feeling of emptiness.   Considering the time and energy commitment involved in parenthood, it makes perfect sense that this void exists.  You can start to change the way you feel today with 'Empty nest Hypnosis' and regain the wholeness of your authentic self.


Sleep like a log Hypnosis

Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you a restless sleeper?  Do you feel as if you are just not getting the quality of sleep that you use to get in the past.  Maybe you have had a stressful situation or set of circumstances and you have not acclimated to having permission to sleep through the night.  Maybe you have never known what a really good nights sleep is like.  If you resonate with any aspect of the afformentioned, you could greatly benefit from the "Sleep like a log Hypnosis' audio program.


Better Study Hypnosis

Do you need to concentrate and retain information more easily.  Are you getting prepared for and exam or a test that is super important and feel as if you would like an edge?  Maybe your ready to recruit you whole mind to get your study done and dusted.  Look no further, you can with 'Bright Mind Study better hypnosis'.


Codependency be gone

If you have found yourself in a relationship where your independence has taken a back seat, this audio is for you.  It is a natural thing to become entwined in our partners life, but sometimes this can become unhealthy.  This is totally objective and comes down to how you are feeling with where you are in your relationship.  There are times when regaining a sense of individuality can make a relationship grow strongr, and for such times, this is the perfsect tool to begin the transition in a comfortable manner.


Accepting change hypnosis

Life is full of twists and turns.  What you may see as a stable and steady position now, may well be very different in the not too distant future.  Sometimes change can be challenging and potentially difficult.  The biggest difference between things being palatable and digestible vs the alternative is you perspective and mindset.  You can change your perspective around a challenging situation with 'Accepting change hypnosis'.

Chocolate addiction be gone.jpg

Chocolate addiction be gone

Have you been eating too much chocolate in recent times.  Are you feeling as if this is something that has been impacting your health.  Are you ready to stop doing damage to your health through yet another addictive form of sugar consumption?  You can use the power of your mind and hypnosis to take control of this behavior with 'Chocolate addiction be gone'.


Discomfort be gone

Your mind and body are one and the same.  When the body is not in optimal comfort, the mind has the ability to change it's interpritation of a signal in the body.  Almost all of the messages in the body are an interplay of a signal from the body, to the mind and back to the body again known as feedback loops.  These feedback loops can be known as either positive or negative dependant on the level of how desirable they are.  I you have any lees than desirable signals in the body associated to fibromyalgia, arthritis or other associated chronic conditions, you can change the tide on these signals by modifiying how the mind inteprets and futhermore relays such messages.  Start to feel new levels of comfor today with 'Discomfort be gone'.


Indigestion be gone

How would you feel if you could be free of heartburn and indigestion.  Do you feel as if you have taken all the steps to be free of indigestion, but they have come up short.  Use the power of your mind and mental immagry to give your body the sugguestions required for you to feel comfortable after you eat with 'Indigestoin be gone'.


Procrastination be gone

Have you allowed yourself to get swamped under with small tasks that now seem to have become a large task now they have accumulated?  All of the things that are not yet complete could be stopping you from putting energy into your bigger and more satisfying life goals.  Get moving and put an end to procrastination with 'Procrastination be gone'.


Setting Boundaries : Learn how to Say No

Do you find that you allow people to push you around.  Do you feel as if you don't speak up when you should due to potential guilt or fear.  Are you not assertive enough and feel as if people don't take you seriously when you say no.  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this audio is for you.  Learn how to set clear and flexible boundaries with the power of hypnosis.

Bruxism Be Gone: Say goodbye to teeth grinding

Have you ever woken up with a saw jaw once or twice?  Do you find that you have a clenched jaw in certain situation, only to realize after the fact that you were grinding your teeth unconsciously? Have you found that this is an ongoing problem without any solutions?  By giving your unconcious mind a new set of directions and behaviours, you can be free of the tensoin in your jaw and teeth grinding for good.


Cut Your Anxiety in Half Hypnosis

The name says it all.  Do you feel that anxiety has been holding you back in the past.  You can cut anxiety in half starting today at a special introductory price.


Mindfulness Meditation Hypnosis

Become aware of the thoughts that may have sabotaged you n the past.  Connect with a level of awareness the gets you back in the drivers seat.  Gain control of the less than positive states that felt as if they were out of your control.  Listen to this audio a couple of times a day for a month and rewire the architecture of your brain.

Chakra balance meditation alt cover fin.jpg

Chakra Balance Meditation

Everyone goes though ups and downs, its just a part of life. The turbulence that we experience can lead to a feeling of being out of balance or not performing at our highest potential. How would you like to find your centre and perform at your best. This meditation may be exactly what you have been looking for.


Time to go into deep relaxation

This is a free audio that I have created fro you to get a feel of what hypnosis is like and to begin to really relax.  Take some time for you and be kind to your mind.  Your welcome.