Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying Adelaide

End your fear of flying with hypnosis and NLP

Working with people that suffer from fear and phobias is an area of expertise at Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis.  Assisting individuals in understanding the underlying psychological aspects and mindset is at the core of our Fear of Flying program.  The program focuses on the mechanics behind the patterns of thinking that no longer serve you- providing you the tools to be calm, logical and in control, while letting go of the anxiety and panic associated with the fear of flying.

Fear of flying may not be isolated, and when undertaking the Hypnotherapy for fear of flying, you may release other problems.  This is due to the fact that both stress and anxiety can generalize, and fear of flying could be a result of this generalization.  Fear of flying problems can also be associated with:

Control Issues

There may be a part of your mind that feels the need to be in constant control.

Need for escape

Often anxiety can be intrinsically connected to the need to always have the option to escape.


It may be the case that although you may be comfortable with the process of flying, being trapped in a confined space is actually the real issue.


There are often fears that come up for people when they are shaken about or feel a sudden bump during a flight.

General Anxiety

It may be that there are several fears and phobias that an individual is navigating on a daily basis and flying happens to be on that list of phobias.

Our Hypnosis for Fear of Flying is aimed at assisting you to feel more calm and relaxed, alleviating the need to use prescription drugs and alcohol.  You will also be taught self-hypnosis to tap into your natural ability to elicit a natural state of relaxation.

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