Hypnotherapy and NLP for Male Sexual Performance Anxiety and ED

Hypnosis and NLP for Male Sexual Performance Anxiety and ED

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About sexual performance anxiety

Performance anxiety and Erectile Disfunction (ED) is the worry that you may not satisfy your partner sexually. This hinders your ability to enjoy sex because you are always focused on pleasing the other person. 

Intimacy therefore becomes more of a duty for you since you are doing it for the other person and not yourself. Over time this lowers your interest in sex.

Although the condition affects men and women, it is more prevalent among men.

Since the anxiety is mainly about their ego, it becomes hard for the affected men to seek the professional help. It is even difficult for such a person to communicate with their partner about what they are going through.

Male performance anxiety is therefore one of the problems that men face in silence and without an ideal on how to manage it. 

If you are going through a similar situation, the first thing you need to overcome is the fear of the possible stigma you might experience. There are lots of resources you can use to overcome the anxiety and regain your ability to enjoy intimacy.


Performance anxiety in men primarily stems from negative thoughts you have about yourself that make you feel insufficient. You might, for instance, be worried that your body is not fit or attractive enough.

The anxiety may also be caused by the worry that your experience will not be as great as the narrations you get from your peers about their sexual encounters. You may also be comparing yourself with pornography actors in terms of the sizes of their penises or how long they last.

Many people have also reported heightened performance anxiety when the partner is very attractive. Others state that they are more uneasy if the partner is from their close circle thus could share details of the underwhelming experience with their mutual friends.

Other times the anxiety may not even be related to sex at all. Stressful conditions at home, school, or workplace may hamper your ability to concentrate and perform.

How do you know you have performance anxiety?

Different people have explained different ways in which sexual performance anxiety has affected their lives. The common factor in all cases is that the anxiety results in a frustrated and frustrating sexual lifestyle.

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you might be suffering from a level of performance anxiety that requires attention:

·     Worrying too much about whether your partner is having a good time during sex

·     Premature ejaculation or lack of orgasm since you are not enjoying the sex and instead trying to please your partner

·     Decreased interest in sex

·     Difficulty or inability to have and maintain an erection even if you are really sexually attracted to the person you are with

Managing performance anxiety

Performance anxiety almost always leads to a deterioration in your sexual performance. This makes you even more anxious during the next session and it thus becomes a cycle in which the anxiety and poor performance feed off each other.

It is therefore important to curb the condition at the earliest opportunity.

Some of the techniques you can use to manage the anxiety include:

·     Stop pegging your opinion of yourself based on what others say

·     Consider sex as a moment to enjoy for both of you, not just you giving pleasure and not receiving

·     Discuss with your partner about your performance anxiety

·     Meditation and physical exercise will improve both your mental and physical health which will improve your perception of yourself

·     Work with the people around you to solve any stressful conditions in your life

Hypnotherapy can be a permanent solution

Male sexual performance anxiety is mainly based on negative thoughts of self-inadequacy and low self-esteem. The worry that things may go wrong is usually irrational because it is not based on any past experience.

Through hypnotherapy, you can rewire your brain to focus on positive thoughts. For best results, you will first learn to get rid of the negative thoughts in your subconscious mind. This will also include training your brain to avoid stressors in your life that may be contributing to the anxiety.

As your brain learns to create positive thoughts, you will be not be able to enjoy sexual intimacy but also other aspects of your life.

Have you ever considered that there is a deeper level of you that “run’s the show”on many levels beyond immediate comprehension. That part of you that until a clear dialogue and rapport are developed, may have previously contributed to patterns of self-sabotage due to unresolved inner conflict. That part of you is your unconscious mind, and with the right direction, information, conditioning and coordinates, you have the potential to navigate through mental hurricanes of your mind and unlock your deepest and most powerful hidden potential –the minds eye of the storm. With mind-body purpose alignment system, its all systems go!
— Matthew Tweedie

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