Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction

Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction Adelaide

Put an end to sugar addiction with Hypnosis and NLP

Most weight problems throughout Australia, the US and the UK can be attributed to sugar addiction.  When you consciously bring your attention to the constant bombardment in supermarkets and service stations- lollies, chocolate, ‘healthy’ fruit juice, soft drinks and sugar filled baked goods, it can be a minefield avoiding all of the low quality sources of nutrition that keep individuals stuck in a negative feedback loop.  You may have found yourself eating sugar when you are actually completely full, and there is a reason for this.  As far as your brain is concerned, sugar is essentially as addictive as many of the dangerous drugs you hear about in the news. However, rather than being banned or regulated, it’s in 90% of the food you purchase in the supermarket.  Since sugar is everywhere we go, it can sometimes be a difficult task for an individual to stop consuming it without assistance.  Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction is a solution for people who want to take the power back and get in control of their cravings.

When someone becomes addicted to sugar, it’s not as if they eat a doughnut here or there.  As a sugar addict, you are likely to be craving a large amount of it on a day-to-day basis.  The day may begin with a cereal containing high amounts of sugar, followed by a sugary snack at morning tea.  In some cases, a person addicted to sugar may find themselves eating a pack of lollies and not having an appetite for lunch or dinner.  It is also common for individuals that suffer from such habits to feel the need to hide sugar and snack foods from family and friends.  When a person has reached such an advanced stage of a sugar addiction, Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction can assist in developing new positive strategies as an alternative to destructive behaviour.

Problems caused by Sugar Addiction

·      Diabetes

·      Low Immune system

·      Dental Problems

·      Certain types of Cancer

·      Depression

·      Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·      Digestive problems

·      Weight Problems

Sugar Withdrawal and Cravings

When you eat an excess of sugar, your body will, in turn, produce an excess of insulin.  Insulin transports sugar from your system into your cells for energy production, and causes your blood sugar to drop.  Once the blood sugar levels drop, a cycle of craving is initiated, resulting in a desire to consume more sugar.  This negative feedback loop exponentially worsens, as it requires more sugar consumption as a result of eating more sugar.  Just like the drug analogy, trying to stop eating sugar ‘cold turkey’ can also yield problems such as:

·      Headaches

·      Disruption to sleep

·      Feeling Drowsy

·      Mood Swings

·      Tiredness

Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction

It is important to get a deeper understanding of what the underlying factors are in a sugar addiction when working with clients.  Through the duration of the program, we will work together to put in place a healthy eating plan, and alternatives to the use and abuse of sugar.  Factors such as stress, anxiety and other negative emotions may play a part in unlocking the pattern of behaviour and may need to be taken into consideration through the therapy cycle.

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