Hypnotherapy for Anger and Rage

Hypnosis for Anger and Rage Adelaide

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Hypnotherapy for anger and rage

Failed career goals, defiant children, traffic problems or even uncooperative colleague; there so many things that can upset you. Feeling angry in such situations is not only normal but also healthy.

The anger, however, is only beneficial if you deal with it in a positive and assertive manner that identifies the cause of the anger leading to a solution. Positive expression of anger involves communicating with the other parties, letting them know what they have done to upset you and finding a way to rectify the mistakes.

If your way expressing anger does not result to a solution, you might be having an anger disorder. 

Types of anger disorders

There are different types of anger disorders that can be broadly placed on a spectrum.

On one end of the spectrum are those that express their dissatisfaction in a violent or loud outburst. Violent anger disorders strain personal relationships and may even lead to domestic violence. In families, it affects children too much that they may also grow with anger disorders. 

On the other extreme end are the people with passive anger problems that do not express their dissatisfaction thus do not communicate their dissatisfaction to those that have wronged them. In some instances, even the wronged person does not recognize that he or she is angry. This results in pent up emotions that may explode one day or lead to psychological problems.

There are also those that direct the anger on themselves and blame themselves for the things that went wrong. This leads to self-loath and low self-esteem.

Signs that suggest you need to manage your anger

Difficulty striking a compromise

People with anger management problems find it hard to consider other people’s perspective of an issue. As a result, they insist on their way as the only and most appropriate way of doing things. This only aggravates the situation since the focus is on winning rather than finding a solution.

Not expressing emotions

As a person with passive anger disorder, you struggle to express anger and other emotions a well. The more violent type also struggle to express emotions because they feel it may expose their vulnerability.

Skeptical of any differing opinion

If all your disagreements result in a shouting or fighting match, you start to view each dissenting voice as a personal challenge to your ideas or way of doing things.

All the different types of anger disorders strain personal and professional relationships because it becomes hard to achieve goals or find solutions to emerging challenges. It is therefore necessary start managing anger as soon as you identify the anger disorder.

Manage anger disorders with hypnotherapy

Managing anger disorders requires you to change your entire perception of life, issues and situations. Through hypnotherapy, you can access your subconscious mind and determine the specific things that trigger your anger.

After that, the therapist will guide you to change your response to these triggers. Through continued therapy and practice, you learn how to seek solutions and welcome diverse ideas without feeling threatened.

For best results, get a qualified and reputable therapist to guide you through the hypnotherapy.


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