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Hypnotherapy Jealousy

Jealousy in relationships

It is very normal to be afraid of losing the person that you are in an intimate and loving relationship with. This fear is often express as anger and insecurity whenever you observe something that appears to threaten the relationship. 

Jealousy is a good thing if there is a genuine threat to your relationship. It enables you to notice any distance that may be developing and give you a chance to fix it.

In many cases, however, the feeling of insecurity is unfounded and your partner may even resent you for believing there is a threat where none exists. This may lead to disagreements, violence that often lead to the end of the relationship.

Causes of harmful jealousy

a)   Past experience

Most of the people that exhibit harmful jealousy are insecure because of the betrayal they may have experienced in their past relationships. If, for instance, you trusted your partner but found out that they have not been faithful, you might start to blame yourself for not seeing the signs.

As a result, you may start to be overly suspicious of your future partners whenever they portray a change in behavior.

b)   Insecurity/low self esteem

Although the words insecure and jealous are used interchangeably they are slightly different. As a cause jealousy, insecurity means the feeling that you do not deserve to be in a relationship with your partner. 

This sense of inadequacy causes you to live in fear that one day he or she will realize that they can get someone better than you and leave.

People that are jealous because of low self-esteem tend to overexert themselves in the relationship in a bid to compensate. Unfortunately this often comes off as desperation.

c)    Paranoiac or overthinking personality

The jealousy that you express in your relationships are sometimes an extension of your life in general. If you are paranoid and always thinking someone is after you, you are likely to extend the fear to your relationship.

Overthinking may help you become a high achiever at work but, if you don’t leave it in office, it may cause problems in your relationship. Overthinking situations and paranoia go hand in hand.

The paranoia makes you think that everyone is plotting against you and you start making unfounded conclusions about your relationship.

d)   Projecting your shortcomings

Untrustworthy partners are often very jealous. For instance, a person that cheats or has feelings for their colleagues or friends will not trust their partners around colleagues or friends of opposite gender.

How to manage jealousy

§  Recover from previous hurt

New relationships should start on a clean slate so take time to fully heal all the wounds that were caused by your previous partners before dating again.

§  Control your emotions

It is normal to feel jealous when you see your partner talk or have fun with another person. But unless there is genuine reason to be concerned, don’t act on the emotion.

§  Embrace vulnerability

Give him or her the freedom to live their own life. Don’t try to take control of all aspects of the relationship and his or her life.

§  Don’t ask for assurance

When you ask to be assured of commitment you come off as being desperate and the clinginess may just drive a wedge between you.

§  Believe in yourself and the relationship

Trust that the person you are with values you and that the relationship is headed in the right direction. But also remind yourself that you will be okay even if it doesn’t end well.

Hypnotherapy can rid your relationship of jealousy

Jealousy originates from a very active imagination which leads you to make irrational conclusions. It is therefore a problem that starts at your subconscious mind whether due to a past incident or other factors in your life.

Hypnotherapy can help you rewire your subconscious mind so that you can take control of your emotions and imagination. With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can train your mind to: 

-      Not only stop imagining negative things about your relationship but also come up with imaginative ideas to improve your relationship,

-      Control your emotions to a level that you can approach relationship issues calmly,

-      Perceive yourself as a valuable and deserving part of the relationship

-      Trust that your partner is committed

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