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Pain serves a purpose

If you asked anyone if they would prefer a life without pain, almost everyone would answer in the affirmative. Such a life, however, would be much more dangerous than you may think.

Pain, however unpleasant, serves to alerts you when your body or a part of your body has been hurt and need attention. The pain you experience when you get a cut warns you to move from the sharp object and maybe take the necessary measures to stop the bleeding or dress the injury.

When the pain outlast its purpose

Pain is meant to subside or disappear completely once you have taken care of the injury that caused the pain. Sometimes the pain persists longer than the injury or illness.

This leads to a very agonizing condition clinically known as chronic pain. Chronic pain usually begins with a physical injury or illness. The pain is meant to reduce as you get healed but in this case the pain persists with same intensity.

For some people the pain may stop after a couple of weeks or months while for other the pain may keep recurring for years.

Why the pain persists

The nervous system is designed to alert your brain of any injury through the pain. The reduction in pain as the injury reduces is the body’s way of telling the brain that the injury is healing or healed.

The pain that persists long after the injury therefore means that some of your nerves have completely or partially lost their ability to perceive that you have healed. The body therefore doesn’t know when to stop sending the pain signals to the brain.

It has been observed that some conditions either cause or exacerbate long-term pain:

·     Illnesses such as fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and interstitial cystitis

·     Fatigue, inadequate sleep, unhealthy diets

·     Stress, depression, and other psychological conditions

Effects of chronic pain

The pain is often localized on the region that was affected by the initial injury. As such, you are the parts that are more prone to injury such as the back, hands, legs and joints. 

These are parts that are used in almost every body movement. Chronic pain therefore greatly hinders your ability to do normal chores, work out, or any other activity that requires flexibility. 

Over time the pain negatively impacts your quality of life and may lead to other conditions such as anxiety and depression. 

It is therefore advisable to see treatment for the condition as soon as you notice the pain has outlasted the initial injury.

The Old Pain 2 Go treatment 

In the natural biological set-up of our bodies, when the body sends or discontinues pain signals to the brain, it is a subconscious decision. You do not decide to feel pain when a nail pricks your foot nor do you decide to stop feeling pain when the injury is healed.

The OldPain2Go is a non-drug treatment based on this knowledge. It acknowledges that when pain persists beyond the initial injury, the problem is in your subconscious. The technique is therefore more of a therapy process in which the therapist guides you through a journey that helps you regain your natural order at the subconscious level.

Although the technique involves the therapist talking to you, it is different from hypnotherapy and trance. There is no need for you to go into a trance state when receiving OldPain2Go treatment.

The practitioners have been trained to guide you through the conversation in a way that will help you access the subconscious mind. Once you are able to access your subconscious brain you can then reprogram your system to its natural setting. 

As a result, your nerves will regain their ability to perceive when it is necessary to send signals to your brain e.g. when you are injured and to stop when you are cured.

Although the OldPain2Go is a very new technique , it has proven to be very effective in managing and treating persistent pains. Testimonies from clients indicate that it can be used to treat even extreme pain that had been thought to be treatable only using very strong painkillers.

Even patients with illnesses such as fibromyalgia have shown great improvement. 

If you are ready to get rid of the long-term pain, contact me to start your recovery journey. 

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