5. Focus


Focus it the name and results are the game. There five major primary inputs that make up our focus are; visual, what you see, auditory, what you hear, kinesthetic, what you fee, olfactory and gustatory, the smells and the tastes that you experience. These five are what construct our reality, and when it comes to manifestation and law of attraction, you want to make sure these are all aligned and in the right direction. When I say right direction I mean on precisely what you want rather than on what you don't want. Know what you don't wish to is helpful to exercise right discernment. Such as when I work with clients that have had a bad relationship, and then they say- I never want to be with someone like that again. The problems come up when a person keeps thinking about how they don't want to be with someone that does not treat them well. Avoiding or focusing on what we don't wish to attract further attracts more of this into our lives. This episode is getting a better understanding of this key of manifestation to ensure it can be leveraged in your favor.