Hypnosis for Weight Loss- Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Adelaide

virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis with Matthew Tweedie, board certified NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist. You can move with high levels of mobility Adelaide, have more deeper sleep, ease the pressure on you knees and back, lessen anxiety, blood pressure and craving while developing a healthy relationship with food all the while.

"Are you a South Australian resident wanting to lose weight with hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? The answer is the Virtual Gastric Band protocol.

The time to become slimmer has never been better for residents of Adelaide's southern and northern suburbs. Even if you are located in the western or eastern suburbs of South Australia, or in rural South Australia, you can relate to wanting to have a better range of movement and mobility. Lower your blood sugar, lessen the effects of Type 2 diabetes, create conditions for better heart health, and get higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is an amazing form of technology that can get you to where you want to be in terms of your slimness and healthy lifestyle goals. Are you ready to change now?”


Have you tried diet pills, shakes and a whole host of brand-name blends filled with who-knows-what? Have you always struggled with your weight or had an unhealthy relationship with food? Have you spent years dieting and found that you seem to be riding a rollercoaster of ups and downs, lacking balance and stability? Have you been looking for a weight loss program with proven results for thousands of people around the world? It might be time to consider hypnosis and the Virtual Gastric Band protocol. 

An important question: what happened in the past that allowed you to create change through dieting, and later let your progress slip through your fingertips? Why do you always begin with so much determination that seems to burn out when things get in the way? Or you fall off the wagon, which leads to you throwing yourself under the bus? Many people refer to this as a loss of will power. 

There is a very important fact that many of the weight loss systems on the market leave out regarding permanent change and retaining the slim physique you put so much work into creating. Some of the best minds in science have worked for years to prove that three essential ingredients – making up a triangle of success – must be present in order for a weight loss program to maintain long-term results. 

To ensure that you achieve your goals, the essential ingredients are:

  • A change in behaviour

  • The right nutrition

  • Routine exercise

The Virtual Gastric Band protocol ensures that each of these areas is addressed to create the slim body you want in a fast and easy way with permanent results. The fact of the matter is that if one point of this triangle of successful weight loss is not addressed, conditions are created that trigger the pattern of behaviour known as ‘yoyo’ dieting. This is a cycle of weight loss followed by inevitable weight gain.

The Virtual Gastric Band protocol uses cutting edge hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology, as well as strategies that give you the ability to melt away fat, rid yourself of cravings that reduce your success, build the attitude you need to truly enjoy exercise, and gain better health and wellbeing for a genuinely healthy lifestyle.

Long lasting results don’t only come in the form of eating correctly. To reach your real slimness goals, you have to do more. It’s all about making a dramatic shift in the way you think about exercise and eating, but most of all, in how you feel and think about yourself. You need to make a change in the behaviour that runs outside of your conscious awareness, specifically unconscious eating. 

I think you would agree that people don’t consciously decide to be chubby, fat, overweight or obese. It’s something that happens over time, slowly but surely. The result is that as we look in the mirror or struggle to put on a particular item of clothing and say, “Wow, that just seemed to creep up on me.” One of the major problems with poor eating habits is that they fly under the conscious radar for so many people. Habits can be broken down into one of two categories: constructive and healthy in this context; or destructive and unhealthy.

Now that you have started to take this advanced step of self-enquiry, you have a new level of power. You can create the constructive habit of eating healthy, of listening to your body’s natural signals rather than ignoring them or drowning them out with temporary ‘pleasure’ – which causes pain in the long run. This can be achieved with the amazing system known as the Virtual Gastric Band protocol. In five sessions, we will begin to start re-programming your mindset by talking directly to your unconscious mind. Our goal? To make sure it supports and accepts the changes we make to ensure long-term success.

The amazing part of this system is that after we complete the first session, you will have been guided through the process that will install the belief that your stomach capacity has shrunken to a size that will only permit you to eat a small quantity of food. This is the essence and elegance of the Virtual Gastric Band protocol. From that point, you will have become satisfied and feel full faster. You will also have a new pattern of behaviour that will give you the ability to say “no” to that extra helping. The urge to eat every last morsel of food and ‘clean your plate’ will be decreased, giving you an entirely new set of healthy and balanced choices.

The benefits of hypnosis and NLP for weight management include:

  • A newfound joy and enthusiasm for exercise

  • An end to craving unhealthy food

  • Looking better and feeling better too

  • The ability to control your food portions

  • An increased desire to eat the right foods

  • An overall healthier and happier lifestyle

One of the missing pieces that is left of many weight loss systems on the market today is the right mindset. Without shifting the way you think and ultimately, your perspective, you are seriously stacking the odds against being able to maintain the true path to success.

It’s time to flip the script on your previous weight loss failures and supercharge your slimness with hypnosis.

When you are really 100% committed to the process, this protocol is the vehicle to take you from where you are now to your weight loss success goals. It is very common for people to begin to lose weight right after their first Virtual Gastric Band protocol session, provided they are wholeheartedly committed and focused on their outcome.

There is a lot of noise in the media about how making the decision to lose weight assists you in creating a better self-image and increasing confidence. Many of us are also aware of the list of positive health benefits that you experience when you are at a healthy weight. I talk to many people who want to gain slimness, and one of the most common reasons they give for making that decision is quite simple: they want to feel better and be able to do more.

When a hypnotist and client begin to work together, they re-wire unconscious motivation, patterns and the many thoughts that could go unnoticed on a day-to-day basis. To stay motivated, maintain balance and live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to feel that you want to do so, rather than that you should or must. When the hypnotic process for weight loss is done correctly, making the right choices with regards to food and exercise becomes natural. It’s really about getting a person to get to the place where ‘all systems are go’ – a hypnotic green light, if you will. You are able to achieve a fast, effective, healthy method to lose weight and stay slim. 

The Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band system is a safe way to get in shape and get the results you desire. This proven method is a non-invasive hypnotic program modelled on the surgical procedure that would usually set you back thousands of dollars. This process works by re-training your mind to hear the signals of feeling full from your stomach. When you develop this clear channel of communication between body and mind, your brain gets the message from your stomach that you are full, and you stop when you have had enough food. The number of people who have seen amazing results and had ongoing success with this program is growing by the day. It’s easy to see why the media are also recognizing this revolutionary weight management system and giving it so much attention

Virtual Gastric Band protocol uses the strategy of speaking directly to the unconscious mind and convincing it that it has the physical gastric banding surgery. From that point forward, the interference and thoughts of food that will fade away, enabling you to be able to lose weight and continue to maintain your slimness goal.

Sheila Granger conducted a trial with 25 participants, 24 of whom had a positive result. What Sheila found so fascinating was that between the participants, there was a combined weight loss of 14 stone over a three-week period. The programme is designed to be completed over four sessions, with each one running for an hour in total. Once you commence the sessions, you are also presented with a personalized hypnotic audio CD designed to supercharge your success and reinforce all of the work done in the clinic. This should be listened to through stereo headphones at least once a day to ensure success. Once the hypnotic installation of the Virtual Gastric Band has been done in the first session, food portion sizes will naturally reduce leading to the start of your cycle of successful weight loss.