Hypnosis Myths Debunked 5

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Myth No. 8: Hypnotism is only for the weak-minded. I’m too strong.


Where It Comes From: Some people have claimed they experienced no effects when they visited a hypnotist.


Why It’s Bunkum:

Fact 1: Hypnosis can be more easily achieved by some people that others, but nobody is immune to it. After all, it is a natural state that everyone can achieve. The hypnotist might have to work harder with some people than others, but the only real condition is that you are willing to be hypnotised (and self-hypnosis suggests you are!).


Fact 2:  Actually, some people who are put under hypnosis can be unaware that they are. That’s because hypnosis is a very natural state, not the dramatic state that some people expect. Because hypnosis deals with the subconscious, the conscious mind is sometimes unaware of anything going on. Because the subconscious can adjust effortlessly – that is, without any obvious effort on the part of the patient – having a weak or a strong mind is irrelevant.


Myth No. 9: I have never been hypnotised.


Where It Comes From: You can only become hypnotised if you have visited a hypnotist.


Why It’s Bunkum:

Fact 1: This does seems strange, but everyone has been hypnotised. In fact, research shows that the average person achieves a state of hypnosis at least twice every day. When? Just before you fall asleep and those drowsy few moments after you wake up. So, to say you have never been hypnotized is not completely accurate.


Fact 2: Since hypnosis is a specific focused on our inner state of being. So, when we are lost in ourselves, when time flies and we never felt it, we are actually in a state of hypnosis. That means when we are listening to music, watching a movie even when we are driving, we can enter a state of hypnosis.

Fact 3: Ever hear about an athlete being ‘in the zone’. It’s when they are so focused on one activity, on achieving one thing, nothing can distract them. That’s hypnosis. 


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